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The Department of Archaeology and Museums (DOAM) is the continuation of the “Archaeological Survey of India” which was created in 1860 during the Colonial Period for archaeological survey, archaeological researches including excavations, protection, preservation and conservation of the moveable and immoveable antiquities of the British India. After creation of Pakistan we inherited the same department by changing its nomenclature as the “Department of Archaeology & Museums. Department of Archaeology & Museums perform its activities under legal coverage provided by Antiquities Act 1975 and rules framed under this act. The Department of Archaeology and Museums, Government of Pakistan is the custodian of nation’s cultural heritage to protect and preserve its Cultural Heritage present in the shape of immovable sites / monuments and the movable antiquities as well as works of art. The department also arranges exhibition of pyrrhic art pieces of Pakistan, which demonstrates the rich, diversified and multi religious culture of this land. More than 60 exhibitions have been arranged so far in different counties of the world.


The vision of the Department of Archaeology and Museums is to project and promote our rich tangible cultural heritage right from the Stone Age down to the present both nationally and internationally through continuous serious researches on diversified disciplines of Pakistan archaeology and establish a National Museum of Pakistan at Islamabad as the principal show-windows of our culture. Department of Archaeology & Museums gives a broad vision about the culture and heritage – promotion of arts and culture and boosting of the tourism industry. Cultural tourism has a big scope in the international market. Pakistan has a diverse built heritage that can best termed as representative of all major religions in our region including Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Christianity, Islam, Sikhism and the colonial era. Pakistan is like an open museum where people from all walks of life can enjoy nature, diverse cultures and the unique built heritage, apart from the world famous Gandhara art now preserved in most of the major museums of the world. The key objectives behind the vision are to promote archaeological researches of our build heritage in Pakistan, explore new archaeological sites and monuments and carry out meticulously and professionally Conservation, Preservation and Restoration of our rich diversified Cultural heritage.


The mission of Department of Archaeology & Museums is to Protect, preserve and conserve of the moveable and immoveable cultural heritage in the country and conduct Archaeological researches, exploration and excavations. This department has a mission to Maintain and establishment of museums of heritage and culture in the country. This department is keen to collaborate with the national and international institutions in the field of archaeology for the betterment of cultural heritage. For the awareness of the general public about the heritage of Pakistan this department intends to arrange exhibitions of cultural heritage at national and international levels. In addition to this it is the prime duty of this department to protect the cultural properties from illicit trafficking outside the country. The department also arrange international exhibition of the exquisite art pieces of the country to lay bare the rich cultural heritage of Pakistan.